Friday, January 20, 2012

No crying in baseball, or housebuilding.

Yesterday was our first little SNAFU. The concrete guy shows up and says the tornado shelter wasn't installed properly. The storm shelter guys insists that it is just how it should be. I don't know what to think as I have neither installed a storm shelter or poured a slab. I think that it does look too high and would like for them to remove it and lower it. So we go back and forth for what seemed like hours and the shelter is just as it was. The shelter guys says he'll fix it for another $1000. Uhhh, no. So apparently, two hours sleep from worrying about this stupid thing, PMS, and finding out that someone is interested in buying this rental is enough to cause me to have an emotional breakdown right on the lot. So, what I learned yesterday is that if you are having a never-ending conversation with two old men and you want it to be over with...start tearing up. They quickly pack up their things and head on their way.

Today they are supposed to start pouring the slab and we will find out if it was too high, which won't matter anyway.

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