Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday, Monday

So, another Monday that we were supposed to start on the house. The weather is just not cooperating with us! It rains for a day or two and then stops for a day or two. Just when it looks dry enough to start moving some rains. Well, this time it's rain and SNOW! I had my air conditioner on about four days ago and now it is snowing!!! So what can you do when it's cold and wet? Yep, go shopping. Ryan and I spent the morning at Cenwood looking at appliances. I have spent the afternoon price checking against some different online appliance stores. I found a really cool professional all refrigerator, all freezer that I hope we can fit into our budget. I think it would be nice to have everything all in one fridge. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Another setback

We were planning on moving some dirt today but Mother Nature has other plans...we are under flash flood warnings for the next two days. Not to be too deterred, we looked at some brick samples this morning. This was something we found overwhelming on our last house. Hopefully we will have an easier go of it this time around. It's just so hard to pick out brick from such a small sample and then imagine it on an entire house. The choice of mortar is also a factor that will change the look of the brick. After choosing the brick you have to find a color of roofing that will compliment the brick.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Let's get this thing started!

We are getting ready to build our "forever" home. Which really means until the kids get out of school and lets see what we want to do then. We sold our last home on June 30, 2011. Our intentions were to start building right away. However, we are going with a custom plan this time v/s last home we physically walked into and just tweaked it a bit. This was harder than we thought it would be. Just because you can imagine something in your head does not mean it will look good on paper! So here we are, mid November and we are just now getting ready to build.