Saturday, November 9, 2013

Go Girl: For the girl who has everything. (And wants to stand and pee)

Ok, we're in  BassPro looking at the portable toilets. We are planning on taking the kids out west for an extended camping trip. We are going to need a toilet…among other things. That is when we spotted the GoGirl. I feel like my life has been forever changed.

It is an apparatus, if you will, that allows women to pee standing up! What? Pee, standing up? Count me in. Well, let me just cross that off my bucket list.

It comes in a little tube that explains it can be used while camping, boating, traveling, music festivals or sports.

Inside, you will find directions printed on a duel service disposable bag. It states: 1.  For best results, maintaining a seal on the back is important. 2. Practice at home to be sure you have a good seal. It is accompanied by two tissues.

Here is a nice close up. This side up…in case you were confused. In my mind, I'm thinking they didn't just put that there for no reason. Someone, somewhere was confused about this. I snapped this picture while inside the BassPro. An employee busted me and said that every time they get them in stock they sell out rather quickly. He assumed they were being purchased for gag gifts. He said he caught a guy looking at it and said, "Don't worry the girl that returned it said she didn't use it." Our conversation went further and he said that he thought that peeing standing up was the last thing that men could do that women couldn't. So I said, "I guess that's why you squat now?" He just walked off laughing. I'll take that as a yes!

I guess the illustration is to tell you not to squeeze it closed while in use. Hello? 

I'm guessing you figured out by now I couldn't leave the store without this life changing product. For $12.99 can have your own GoGirl.

Anyone who knows me for more than five minutes, knows I'm terrible OCD. Me and public toilets aren't friends. I can't remember the last time I've used a port-o-let other than to pee behind.

I felt it was my civic duty to give this thing a try. A-MAZ-ING.  

I must be a natural because I got it right the first time. I peed with joy! Seriously, I was laughing the entire time.  I think the only way this could have been any more fun is if  I were taking a leak peeing off the side of a canoe, or on the Appalachian Trail, or into bushes, or off a building, or off the Grand Canyon, or into Niagara Falls or a WalMart bathroom.

Seriously, this is life changing. I will be buying Ansley her own GoGirl. Because, really it'd be gross to share. My only problem is what kind of looks will you get cleaning this joker off in the public sink?

Penis Envy, NO MORE! I can write my own darn name in the snow!

Go to to get your own GoGirl!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Selfie Sunday

As you can tell from my Facebook, I love to take pictures as much as the next guy probably more than most. However, I consider "selfies" to be so creepy. I don't even like the slang expression for them, "selfies." I recently commented on fb how I don't understand what would provoke someone to want to post pics of themselves on the regular, all safely strapped into their car. Especially if you are over 25 and that is being generous.

I admit I have taken pics of myself a couple times. Once, was because I had gotten a new "do" and mom wanted me to shoot her a pic. Because of the six hour drive between us, I felt this clearly warranted a self taken pic. But man, it was still so weird. I mean where do you look? Do you smile? Yes, I think you most selfies the folks I see are smiling. Smiling or making the duck face seems to be acceptable in a selfie. This and throwing up peace signs is a whole new level of douchebaggary. Do you say cheese? What if someone sees you? Do you just continue your quest of self absorption or are you like, "Hey, all my real friends are busy. Do you think you could snap a quick pic of me?" "Oh, wait! Let me get my seatbelt on. You know, safety first." Honestly I just don't get it!

There must be some unwritten protocol to all this madness because they always seem to be taken in the same places. Originally,  I noticed them being taken in the bathroom both public and private. Think about this, you're taking your picture. in. a. bathroom. A shower or toilet is never a good idea for a backdrop, unless you are Beavis and Butthead. They did love their toilet shots. The car is popular and the bedroom shot seems to be edging up popularity. All nicely tucked into bed with only your boobs self esteem hanging out.

These are becoming so popular that cell phones are making it easier for these people. No this is a bad idea. Don't encourage. I say "these people" because it usually the same personality type; single and loving it. However, all the drama they put on social media tells another story. Then they get into a relationship and post tons of self taken pics of them and they're new found happiness. Only to have them quietly disappear after two weeks to be replaced with inspirational quotes by John Mayer. "Don't be scared to walk alone and don't be scared to like it."

If you are really looking that awesome and you feel like the world should really see you. Grab someone else to take it of you. Somehow, that just seems less weird. Or if there is a cute kid nearby grab them and take a pic with them. Make sure to get their parent's permission first. Otherwise, this could turn into a whole other problem!

Well maybe I've got this all wrong.  You tell me, what do you think?

Maybe I shouldn't be so quick to judge. I had to give it a try.

This is my first and second attempt. I wasn't sure where I was supposed to look. Dang, I have a terrible double chin. No wonder I don't fancy the selfies. I really could use some makeup. Ok, I'm gonna pick myself apart over this.

Ahh the Miley Cyrus photo bomb.

ChaChi said I wasn't doing it right and suggested this pose along with the title of the blog.
Yep, I felt as stupid as I look but the kids found it hilarious.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dinner Fail: Salisbury Steak

Let me start out by saying I may have slept 20 hours in the past five days. I went to the doctor today and got a sinus cocktail and four prescriptions. Got home and got in bed and took some meds that I already had that kept me up. So, I started doing some laundry and I get a call from the nurse at the kid's school. ChaChi has a stomach ache. She puts ChaChi on the phone and I ask him if he just needs to go to the bathroom or does he feel sick. He said he felt sick. So I tell him I'll be there in just a few minutes; two minutes later ChaChi calls back, "Mom, may I use the nurse's bathroom?" Oh my gosh! Really? The kid is sick and he's asking me if he can use the bathroom!???!?!?! I felt so bad! I may have casually mentioned ok, I'm sure I've ranted on many occasions how nasty school bathrooms are. He acts like I may turn into the Gestapo if he had to use a public restroom. When I got to the school to pick him up I didn't know wether to be proud of him for trying to be obedient or embarrassed wondering how strange the nurse finds it that my kids calls to ask me if he can use the freaking toilet. Option 1. Poop your pants. Option 2. Use the public toilet. Sidebar: I'm pretty sure Bret called me to get permission to come home to go to the bathroom his senior year. I've seriously messed up these kids.

Ok, my lack of sleep has me delirious. What does all this have to do with Salisbury Steak. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I had decided to try a new meal tonight. We're definitely in a dinner rut. Nothing sounds good, nothing. So I have never made salisbury steak. Truth is, the only salisbury steak I've ever had came out of aluminum container that you heat in the oven. I haven't had that in 15 or so years. I had to make a special stop at the liquor store to get some cognac for this recipe. Sounds fancy doesn't it? It had a lot of ingredients, messed up a lot of measuring cups, dishes, cutting boards, and pans. I even doubled the recipe because it looked like so much trouble. I started at 5:00 o'clock and it was ready at 7:00. You getting the point? It was a lot of trouble. Made ChaChi a plate, "Oh I hate mash potatoes and this corn doesn't taste right. What is this meat? It tastes like dog food and I know because I've eaten a lot of dog food." Me, "We don't even have a dog." ChaChi, "Well, when Bret was keeping his dog here, I had his dog's food and some of those Beggin' Strips. Remember?" Me, "You didn't eat dog food."

Tomorrow, we are having leftover and I guess I'll stop and pick up ChaChi some Beggin' Strips. The good news is, if I'm up again coughing my head off again I have half a bottle of cognac.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Snack Rotation

Here it is, the dreaded snack rotation schedule.

How did this become a thing? I swear I don't remember this going down when I played sports. Did our moms and dads do this? I don't think they did. They were way too smart,. All I remember is taking a pacman thermos with all it's eight ounces of water.

I cannot express how strongly I loathe the snack rotation. For so many reasons, I truly hate it. 

Today is my day, Sept. 12, ChaChi.

I will pick the kids up from school and get home around 3:45. We'll rush in, get dressed for cheer at 5:15 and a soccer game at 7:30 which is an hour away from where she will be cheering. I will have to remember everything from hair bows to shin guards. Now, on top of all of that I have to make sure I have snacks for thirteen kids. I will be lugging two chairs, a cooler full of water for ChaChi, a cooler for the team and a bag of snacks. Meanwhile, try to make sure my kids don't get flattened in the parking lot because it is straight up crazy getting in and out of there. Ryan should be able to help tonight but his schedule is so crazy, a lot of the times I'm alone. So I feel for you, single parents.

I know, I know, I sound like a total nag. I just think we could keep things more simple if we did away with this stupid idea. Who thought of this anyway? I bet they have their own little pinterest board dedicated to the snack rotation. Just let me be responsible for my kids and you be responsible for yours. When ChaChi was six, someone brought Gatorade and a Hershey Bar for a post-game snack! Are you freaking kidding me a Hershey Bar? What? Were you all out of Pixy Stix and heroin? Now, they bring cookies, chips or crackers and 22 oz. sports drinks. So if your kid has a 7:30 game it's over around 8:30 and then they chug this enormous amount of liquid right before bed. Uh Oh...looks like someone may wake up in a puddle. I don't know about you but I really try to limit the amount of brominated vegetable oil (google it, yep it's in a lot of sports drinks) and artificial dyes my kids consume. This snack rotation makes it hard. I swear, one day I'm going to coach something so that when that annoying parent asks, "Have you done the snack rotation?" I can say, "There will be no snack rotation." It will blow their snack loving mind!

I don't know why people think that after kids have played for a freaking hour they need a stupid snack! Ever think that is why people are so much more round than they were in the past. Kids are starting to have their cholesterol checked at age nine, nine, nine year olds have high cholesterol! Ok, I don't need to get started on that. After all, I have some sports drinks to buy.

If you agree with me, please share this post. Together, we can make a difference.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tennis Skirts

Ladies, I just want you to know you're not fooling anyone wearing that tennis skirt. I've been by the tennis courts in this town and they are always as empty as Curves on Thanksgiving. I go to the zoo and you're there with your tennis skirt. I go to drop my kids off at school and you're there with your tennis skirt. I pick my kid up and you still have on that stupid skirt! If you really did play tennis shouldn't you be sweaty and gross? Instead, your makeup is flawless and your visor is still neatly in place. I've even been in Wal-Mart and you are there with your freaking tennis skirt. Are you expecting a tennis match to break out in the clearance section or something? Seriously? What is with the tennis skirts?

I know my habitual wearing of yoga pants or running shorts makes me look like a hypocrite because I assure you I haven't so much as done an downward dog. Basically, I'm not wearing pj's and you should be happy about that. I don't know why I find the tennis skirt so annoying. I've even seen them advertised as running skirts? Why? Why would you want to run in a skirt? I mean, I don't think even a pentecostal wants to run in a skirt.

Tennis anyone? Just kidding, let's just go get some lunch.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dining Chair Do-Over


This picture doesn't show just how gross this chair was but it was a nasty mess.

We took the chairs apart, sanded and primed them and sanded them again. I think we could have skipped the first sanding.

We made templates from the old chairs. We could have just removed the old fabric and cushions and used the old bottoms. I am crazy OCD so I preferred new. 

We sprayed them with a pressure fed pot sprayer using an oil based paint.

This was our first chair makeover and we had no clue what we were doing. So we did what every self-respecting  DIYer does, we YouTubed it. William Eisenberg at Eisenberg Upholstery has some great videos. He skips all the cheesy introductions and such and gets right to business. He'll even answer any questions that you have promptly. Super impressed with this guy.

Finished Project

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Comfort Inn Daphne AL Review

We got a late start yesterday, which just happened to be our 12 th Anniversary. Ryan was recovering from double mids and I thought it'd be better to leave a little late than deal with a monster. So I let him sleep longer than he had wanted. That put us checking in at our hotel just after 2:00 AM. I had booked the room online so I just went in and got the room key while Bret and Ryan got our stuff out of the truck. When I got outside it was raining. Bret took the little kids and the stuff ahead of us. Ryan went to park and while he was parking a group of two guys and a girl were dropped off at the door. I was under the impression that they had just come from a nearby night club. The girl wasn't wearing any shoes! Must have been Bama Fans. I went on up to the room while Ryan parked. When Ryan got up the the room he was soaked (and a little irritated) because he had to park in the back of the hotel and they keep all the other doors locked.

I booked a suite and it was anything but. Two queen beds and a pull out loveseat. The loveseat looked like it had been mauled by a baby cheetah. The cushions had some rips in it and looked like it had seen better days. Really people, what are you doing in these hotel rooms?  ChaChi got right in a bed which is foreign to him because at home nobody gets in bed without a shower. Well right in the bed, after I striped the DNA contaminated comforter from the bed. I pulled out the loveseat and found that I would be the one making the "bed." My anxiety was in overdrive as I put my hand on the bar to pull out the bed. There was no mattress cover so I doubled up the two flat sheets that were provided. I have no idea how to properly put on a flat sheet.  I just wrapped that joker under the end of the mattress and told Bret it would be in his best interest if he didn't turnover a lot. Then I had to put the "pillow" in the case. What are these pitiful squares they call pillows?  OMGosh! I seriously almost lost it on this chore. It's like how do you put a pillow in the case without it touching your body. Bret was cracking me up with remarks like, "How does the biggest person here get the smallest bed." I was like it's just for a few hours and this room was almost the cheapest I could find. He said, "Oh, cheap is good as long as your comfort level isn't sacrificed. Haha That is so true.  Except, while he was outside the room on the phone I was inside freaking out making that darn bed.

Ryan and I showered and got in the bed. After making jokes and laughing about Bret sleeping on that little bed which Ansley referred to as a crib we turned the lights out.  All the lights were out except Bret's computer. It was bright enough to make light on the ceiling so I asked him to do some shadow hand puppets for me. He quickly obliged me with a crocodile then a bird and then what Ryan thought was a bunny. Bret kept on making shape after shape and then I got tickled thinking how funny it would be if I fell asleep and he continued to make shadow puppets. We were all cracking up! Then I tried to get comfortable but kept rolling to the middle of the mattress as did Ryan. So we decided if we turned back to back maybe we wouldn't roll to the middle as much. The room was quiet except for every time Bret moved it sounded like someone was trying to untangle a metal slinky.

This morning I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep so I got up and went to the bathroom. I turned the light on and the fan in the bathroom came on. I thought a helicopter may be trying to land in there it was so loud! Here is a pic of the door. Apparently, there was a hole here and someone thought this would be a good way to repair it. It is kind of hilarious; I'm not sure they wouldn't have been better off just leaving the hole.

Here is Bret on his cot. He slept with his feet on the coffee table because he didn't fit in the bed.
And that is how we spent our anniversary. Now on the to beach!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Things to do in Memphis...

When you don't have a pool. This is the south and let's face it, the summers are miserably hot. I'm pretty sure if you go outside in the summer and you don't have a pool you turn into beef jerky. It's so hot the homeless make signs that say, "Will work for shade." So the following is what have we done since we don't have a pool:

* Water Balloons

* The Brooks Museum is free on Wednesday. It has an art studio and kids can create projects to take home from 10:00 AM until noon. The Brooks is located right by the Memphis Zoo. In the summer, you can put your kids in their swimsuits and swim in the fountains. This is an especially fun thing for us because it just feels so wrong. It's a white trash activity at it's best. I wonder if they chlorinate the ponds? Oh, I shouldn't even let my mind wonder about those things.

* The Memphis Zoo

* Lichterman Nature Center has a couple of air-conditioned  buildings. A good place to go if you just want to get out of the house for a short time. They have a lot of walking trails but it is just too hot in the summer.

* Play Red Light/ Green Light using the water hose. You spray the person you catch moving after you've called red light.

* If you're not OCD you could go to the library. We choose the bookstore instead. There is just something about holding a book that has been checked out over and over again by strangers. You have no idea where those things have been.

*Run through the sprinklers. I can't wait until we get up a fence. There is something unsettling about a grown woman running through the sprinklers. I mean...I can imagine. For the neighbors, that is.

*Put a sprinkler under the trampoline and jump. This one is just for the kids. If you read my kegel post you know exactly what I mean.

* Pray one of your friends that have a pool will invite you over.

* Paint birdhouses.

* Drive in movie.  There is a Malco Drive in on Summer Ave.

* Slip and Slide. Yep, we really need to get on that fence.

* Watazumi

* Go to the Apple Store. Your kids can play on the iPads while you shop around. Next door is the Teavana store. Cruise through and sample the teas.

*Make a human size bird's nest. Don't worry the water was really close by at all times. My kids are creative...if nothing else.

Well, there is less than three short weeks before the kids head back to school.  We have a few more things on our list that we want to do. A stupid stomach bug has kept us in this week. So if you're running out of things to do I hope our list will give you some ideas. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Square Meal on Wheels Food Truck

Have you ever eaten off a food truck? No? What are you waiting on? Today, we visited the Lichterman Nature Center. They put out a free membership every May through You could spend several hours there any other time of year. I guess that's why it's free for the summer.  There are two air conditioned buildings, that is where we spent our time.

 Feeding the "fish" seemed more like feeding the turtles and geese.

Now to the good stuff. I've been following A Square Meal on Wheels for several months hoping their location and ours would cross paths. Well, today was that day. Mr. Clark was parked about three minutes away from the nature center so we couldn't resist.
  Ansley ordered the fried shrimp. It came with fries and a dipping sauce. Ansley approved. 
 I ordered the fish tacos and an order of fried green tomatoes. ("Towanda! Face it ladies, I'm older and have more insurance" I mean can you eat fried green tomatoes without thinking of that movie? Obviously, I can't.)  Both of which are freshly made. I tried everything and this is what I loved best.  This food truck's claim to fame is the Lobster Rolls. I'll have to try them next time. I assure you, there will be a next time.
 ChaChi ordered the chicken fingers. They also came with fries and your choice of honey mustard, ranch or BBQ sauce. 
 This here is a piece of the Caramel Cake. I'd have to say it is a must have. It was so good! Moist and light but not too sweet! 
Don't be skeptical about eating off a food truck. Come on, everybody's doing it! Their health score was a 98. That is better than most sit down restaurants. We received friendly service and got our food fairly quick and hot. 

You can like Mr. Clark on Facebook @ A Square Meal on Wheels to find out where you can find him for lunch.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

At the gym: Guys, don't be creepy

Back to the gym...again. This time I mean it.

So if you follow my blog you know I've been spending a lot of time at the doctor lately. That means getting on the scale. Not fun. Especially if you've gained some weight, like me. I've been saying, "I'm going to start eating right again and going to the gym on Monday." and then "No, I meant next Monday." Well, I  started my diet yesterday and due to another doctor's appointment I didn't make it. However, I did go this morning. I'll try to spare you all the details.

The gym was packed! I was prepared this time. I made sure that I put on underwear that actually fit! If you read you know what I mean. It was a total sausage fest when I first got there. It hadn't been like this before, mostly senior citizens and a good mix of men and women.

I'm just minding my business, doing a few back extensions. On a machine like this:

This is the starting position. As I'm fully extended I hear a whisper coming from behind me, "That's nice, mmmm hummm." I think did I just hear that, for real?! Surely not. I continue working out. I go to another machine and then back to the the back extension machine. Again, the guy walks behind me and more audibly says, "That's nice." After I'm finished with the machines, I go to the far corner of the gym and get on an elliptical machine. Where this guy continues to stare at me. As I go to get my keys to leave, he decides to take a bathroom break so that we almost run into each other.

Guys: Women do not find this flattering. We find it weird and creepy. The only thing it does for us, is consider getting an escort to our car.

Ok, maybe if he were much taller and hot it would have been a tiny bit flattering, maybe.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kegels....another overshare moment.

I haven't been feeling well for about a month. I've had a pain in my left side and have been running a fever. It's not a bad pain, just enough to notice. I really didn't think much about the pain. Then, my family got the flu. ChaChi got it first and passed it on to me. Then Ansley had it and Ryan had something. We all got the Tamiflu and everyone was feeling better except me. I didn't feel as bad but I still didn't have any energy and continued to run a fever around 100. I went to the doctor and they took blood and urine. To keep this as short as possible, they found stuff in each and sent me home with antibiotics and steroids. After two weeks I wasn't much better and my white blood count was worse than before. I got more antibiotics and had and ultrasound and a CT scan. Both of which came back normal.

Today was my appointment with the urologist. They did a different ultrasound and then said as a precautionary measure they would like to scope my bladder. Ok, I wasn't prepared for this, to say the least. I have been for all these tests and scans and haven't had to take my pants off. I really just thought I was going to give another urine sample and talk about the test results.

I can't remember the last time I've shaved my legs! I mean it's winter. Ain't nobody got time for that. So they take me back to the room and tell me to disrobe and cover with a paper sheet. Then a girl comes in and asks me to put my feet in the stirrups and disinfects my lady parts. How weird is this? I'm like we just met, could we at least talk about the weather for a moment. Could I at least get your name or tell you my favorite color. Then the doctor opens the door and comes into the room. I think, "Well, hello did everyone in the hall see my poontang?" They numbed me, ran the scope and filled my bladder. So I'm laying there looking at my bladder and I ask if they do bladder slings. I figure I've payed my copay I need to find all I can. He says, "Why, do you leak?" I say, "Yeah, sometimes." This was a mistake. After he got finished with the scope he places his head uncomfortably close to my not so private anymore region and asks me to cough. I do and he says it looks fine to him. Then he asks me to stand up and cough again. Lord, have mercy. Is there no shame?! I stand up and he kneels down in front of me and I cough again. He tells me everything looks good and that my bladder has fallen a little but nothing to be concerned about. What? My bladder has fallen and it can't get up! I feel like I should be concerned.

So I'm standing there with my bladder so full I thought it may burst. I have the "sheet" wadded up and placed between my legs. He then asks me if I know what kegels are. I tell him yes and he continues to explain to me all about  kegels. Please try to picture this: he's looking at me very intense and he takes his hand and makes a fist and tightens and relaxes it several times. Showing me this is how to do them. He says do about ten quick ones and other times squeeze and hold. Then he looks me in my eyes and says, "See, just like that. I'm doing mine right now." It was all I could do to hold in my laughter and my urine. He says to do them in the car while I'm sitting at red lights or when I'm talking on the phone. Then he gives me these little blue stickers to put on my rear view mirror and on my phone or just anywhere as a reminder to do my kegels. Sounds like a Dr. Seuss book. Do your kegels on the phone. Do your kegels on the way home. Do your kegels on the pot. Do your kegels, you'll like it a lot.

After all of these appointments, tests, loss of dignity and prescriptions he says it was all probably just a bladder infection. I'm just happy to be feeling better! Well gotta run...there are kegels to be done.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Craigslist: For a good time call or text Bruce.

I love Craigslist. I just bought some dining chairs off Craigslist that are super hideous. I hope when I finish their makeover they will look like I envision. Even when I'm not looking for anything I like to check it out. I like to read the missed connections, rants and the free stuff. I don't know why but it is totally amusing to me.

This morning I was looking through the free stuff and came across this ad:

Play boy magazines (Bruce)

I have around a ten year collection of playboy magazines kidz are getting older really need to just get ride of them u must take them all call or text 6624145353

My thoughts were that he had to make a conscious decision to place this ad. Like these magazines are so valuable to him that he just couldn't throw them away. He literally wanted someone to "enjoy" them as much as he had. Gross. Really, Bruce? I won't even check out a regular book from the library. For years my kids thought that Barnes and Noble was the library. 

The wording of the ad further cracked me up. "U must take them all" he really put thought into this ad. He didn't want someone coming to look at his collection and start flipping through the mags deciding which ones they fancied.  Or maybe he thought he wouldn't be able to complete the transaction if the interested party lingered too long. I can just imagine that exchange and hope that it would be awkward.

Uh yeah, I'm calling about the free porn...Oh, I can just come and pick them up...will your kids be home?


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Watazumi Southaven MS: Impromptu Fun

It's that time of year where the kids activities seem to overlap. Ansley just wrapped up cheer on Tuesday. Both of the kids started basketball three weeks ago and two weeks ago I signed them up for tumbling.

Ryan had ridden with us to get ChaChi's allergy shots as soon as he got home from work. Then we sat through an hour of tumbling. He was just ready to come home and relax. I really needed to come home and start dinner. But I spotted this glorious, monstrosity of a slide: Watazumi. I couldn't help myself. I just had to stop and check out this slide.  If you've ever driven by Snowden Grove, you have seen it. I have always thought of stopping but it hasn't ever been inflated. Tonight it was inflated and the kids saw it and asked if we could stop. I could tell Ryan wasn't really up for it but my car just pulled off the road toward the slide. It was really out of my control, really.

We get out and find the person running the slide. The slide wasn't really open. The owner was just there doing some maintenance . He was kind enough to let the kids slide. Straight out of tumbling the kids were dressed in shorts and short sleeved shirts. I'm sure he thought we were crazy because he asked, "do y'all have jackets?" Of course we didn't. Then he says they may want to take their shoes off. Barefoot, through the wet grass and mud the kids made their way up to the top of the 65 feet tall slide, I think they counted 50 steps. ChaChi was the first one down which really surprised me because he is the chicken of the two. Later, Ansley revealed that she told him to go first because she wanted to see what it would be like. After we watched ChaChi go down we were like, "Oh man that was awesome!" The owner, I think it was Rob, said "y'all should give it a try." What? Me? Slide? Well, heck yeah! I think I will. Ryan and I kicked off our shoes and headed up the slide. When I got to the top, I have to admit I was surprised how high up we were. OH MY GOSH! I screamed all the way down, all 265 feet! It was such a great feeling. I felt like a kid again.  The slide is $5.00 for three trips down or $10.00 for unlimited. Worth. Every. Penny. When I got off the slide I ran(in my socks, mind you) to the steps to go back up. ChaChi said he can't remember the last time he had that much fun.

My point in all this rambling: don't get too busy to have fun. I know the responsible thing would have been to come home and cook dinner and get the kids in bed on time. So what? The kids had an egg sandwich and got in bed an hour late. In exchange for a great time, totally worth it. Do over!

It is usually only open on the weekends but as luck would have it, the owner was there doing some maintenance. It is priced at $5.00 for three trips down the slide or $10.00 for unlimited sliding


I cannot say enough good things about Watazumi. We spent the day there yesterday. For the summer it is a water slide. When you arrive there are a nice group of trees to park under. Make your way to the cute little barn, get your wrist band and prepare to have a good time.


6674 Snowden Lane, Southaven MS 38672

                                      Summer Hours                                           

             Monday - Thursday 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM                  
             Friday - Saturday     10:00 AM to 11:00 PM                  
  Sunday                       2:00 PM to 10:00 PM  



$15.00 For an all day pass. Come and go as you please. Just make sure you leave your wristband on.

What to bring with you: If you're sliding wear a swim suit or shorts and a t-shirt is fine too. Bring chairs or a blanket.  Towels for the sliders. There are plenty of shady places to sit. Bring a cooler with drinks and snacks. Going up all those steps works up an appetite. On the weekends they show movies. Check their Facebook for update about what movie will be showing.Watazumi

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Picture Frame Menu

Here is what my menu usually looks like. Well, since we moved into the new house. In our last house, I kept a large white board in the pantry. It seems as the kids have taken claim to it as it's in Ansley's room with "Ansley Rocks" and "ChaChi's Cool" all over it. 

I spotted this frame at Target today and thought it would look great in my kitchen.

 What do you know? There is a Michael's right next to Target. I was originally looking for a cool chevron pattern. They didn't have anything so I thought it would be a good idea to just get some "themed" scrapbook paper and change them out monthly. So I got this for February.

I just took the insert that comes with the frame and laid it on the scrapbook paper, decorative side down. I used a small piece of tape to hold the insert in place while I was cutting it to shape.

I went ahead and picked up some shamrocks for March.

I can't decide if I want to get some vinyl letters to put on the glass. I don't usually do my menu on the same day every week. 

ChaChi wanted to jump right in and fill out our first menu.

He thought it should start on Sunday, even though today is Tuesday.

Finished Project

Here is a translation: S - Pizza and Salad
                                 M- Enchiladas 
                                 T- Buffalo Chicken Wrap
                                 W- Fajitas (so funny) Fuheatu hahaha
                                  T- Grilled Cheese and Soup
                                  F- Fried Chicken, Mac and Cheese and Green Beans
                                  S- Lasagna and Salad

ChaChi has already asked if he can fill out the menu for next week.