Friday, December 30, 2011

Appliances: check

It is really early to be buying appliances but we were told that it is common for appliances to go up after the first of the year. I don't know if it's true or not but we bought it...hook, line and sinker or in this case double ovens, cook top and microwave. I also got the set of all fridge/all freezer that I wanted! Buying this early meant it had to be in the budget. Right? I guess if we run out of money we'll go without a toilet or something a lot less cooler than a massive refrigerator. Even though it is too early it has actually been helpful as we are in the process of designing the kitchen so we needed to know what the measurements of the appliances are anyway. You have to have an idea where the appliances are going before the rough in of plumbing.

We had to get out of the house anyway today because it was showing again. It totally freaks me out to come back home after someone has been in the house while I'm not here. I always wonder what all they did while they were here. Like I can imagine the agent being the look out while they get it on in all our beds or they get hair out of my hair brush to plant somewhere to frame me for a murder or something crazy. I have a strange obsession that makes we want to clean all the light switches and door knobs with alcohol. I don't do it...but I want to really bad. I think maybe I'll do it after Ryan's in bed so he won't see me.

Anyway we also went to see a tornado shelter. We are definitely getting one of theses babies. We spend a lot of time "hiding" from tornados. So much time that my kids actually get all their stuffed animals and pretend that a tornado is coming. It will seat eleven, so we figure we'll charge our neighbors admission to hang out during a tornado.  What do you think the going rate should be? I guess that could vary per person...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lord willing

I haven't posted in a while because it has still been rainy. I'm really thankful for the extra time because we have been able to make some changes to the plan that we may not have thought about otherwise.

We finally got our construction loan. Banks have really gotten a lot more strict about who they will let open a construction loan. The bank that we used last time would not let you get a construction loan unless you are a licensed builder, which we are not. We had to go to several banks before we found a bank that would let us open a loan. Before you get a construction loan approved you have to get a letter from a mortgage company stating that at the time of completion they will secure your mortgage. So we have all that in place.

We've gone to look at ton of brick samples and driven around to see if we liked it on a house. We have one brick that we are interested in but it's a new brick so we are waiting to see it up. I sure hope we like it because I am ready to be over looking at bricks!

See what I mean? Isn't this torture? It's hard to imagine this on an entire house! 

Christmas in a rental home is always crazy. All of our Christmas stuff was in storage so we had to get it out. Kinda looks like the back of Fred Sanford's truck. I don't know, his stuff may have been nicer. Looks like we're paying money to store stuff we should have just set on fire.

When you're building a house, your life is super crazy. We are in a rental home that is up for sale. Trying to keep a house up while you are running everywhere is a challenge. Of course, the minute you let the place go someone will call for a showing. I swear if I kept this place spotless nobody would ever call to see it!