Monday, April 30, 2012

Paint Colors

After a couple of weeks of stressing over paint colors, I have finally made my decisions. We went to SW on Sunday and got some samples of the colors I was torn between. 

The one on the left is Resolute Blue SW 6507. The middle is Ebbtide SW 6493. The one on the right is a color Ryan picked and I believe he was swayed by the name, Blue Cruise SW 7606. I'm looking for a smokey blue but no too dark. I chose Resolute Blue. This will be going in the kitchen and dining area.

Left is Light French Gray SW 0055.  Middle is Uncertain Gray SW 6234. Right is Passive SW 7064.
I chose Light French Gray. It just seemed to be a nice gray. Uncertain was just too blue. I guess that's the perfect name for it. Passive just seemed too light. This color will be the main color of the house.

This is Classic French Gray SW 0077. I am putting this in the gallery. It's just a small room to the left of the foyer. It has a lot of natural light so I think it can pull off this dark color.

This is taken from the kitchen looking into the gallery and then the foyer. On the other side of the doors is a hallway. So it will be the Classic French Gray and the Light French Gray that you'll see this way.

This is taken from the kitchen. On the right is the gallery, on the left is the dining area and in the middle is the living room. Here you will see the blue next to the lighter gray.

This is Carefree SW 6777. I just want a really pale blue, not too far off white. I think this should get it.

Ansley picked an aqua for her room. ChaChi wanted red but I just can't wrap my mind around that one. So, we have compromised on a red accent wall.

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