Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tennis Skirts

Ladies, I just want you to know you're not fooling anyone wearing that tennis skirt. I've been by the tennis courts in this town and they are always as empty as Curves on Thanksgiving. I go to the zoo and you're there with your tennis skirt. I go to drop my kids off at school and you're there with your tennis skirt. I pick my kid up and you still have on that stupid skirt! If you really did play tennis shouldn't you be sweaty and gross? Instead, your makeup is flawless and your visor is still neatly in place. I've even been in Wal-Mart and you are there with your freaking tennis skirt. Are you expecting a tennis match to break out in the clearance section or something? Seriously? What is with the tennis skirts?

I know my habitual wearing of yoga pants or running shorts makes me look like a hypocrite because I assure you I haven't so much as done an downward dog. Basically, I'm not wearing pj's and you should be happy about that. I don't know why I find the tennis skirt so annoying. I've even seen them advertised as running skirts? Why? Why would you want to run in a skirt? I mean, I don't think even a pentecostal wants to run in a skirt.

Tennis anyone? Just kidding, let's just go get some lunch.


  1. You make me laugh!! I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to slap the women who wear those!! It's as if they are just trying to make the statement of "I'm so rich, I can play tennis at any given second of the day." In all reality half of them probably don't even know how to hold a racket!

  2. Hey now, let's not get violent! Ha Unless you have a really good backswing ;-)