Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hardwood, Trim and Doors

Things seem to be slowing down as we are getting closer to the finish line. The hardwood has been laid. Most of the window and door trim is up.

 The interior doors are hung. I'm really loving these doors. I think these are the same doors my Grandma had in her house, on Bellemeade in Atlanta. Does anyone else think these look familiar?

There are two options we are trying to choose between. Here is the one I love. I didn't take a picture of the other option. It has all of the same colors, they are just in a more "traditional" pattern. We had pretty much decided on this one but it is over what we budgeted. It seems like we have gone over on everything and that is drying up the hole I hope to have in my yard. So I may go with the other option just for my pool's sake.

We have also picked out our slabs of granite for the kitchen. I had originally liked the Alaskan White. I love the movement of the AW but it has orange to rust colored spots in it. I thought that would drive me crazy because it looks like stains.  We picked out two slabs of Bianco Antico. It has the grays and whites that I want without the orange.

After the trim is finished we can paint. I'm ready to get the paint on the walls. Having this much time will cause me to doubt my selections. I think I'm better under pressure of a quick decision.