Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Square Meal on Wheels Food Truck

Have you ever eaten off a food truck? No? What are you waiting on? Today, we visited the Lichterman Nature Center. They put out a free membership every May through You could spend several hours there any other time of year. I guess that's why it's free for the summer.  There are two air conditioned buildings, that is where we spent our time.

 Feeding the "fish" seemed more like feeding the turtles and geese.

Now to the good stuff. I've been following A Square Meal on Wheels for several months hoping their location and ours would cross paths. Well, today was that day. Mr. Clark was parked about three minutes away from the nature center so we couldn't resist.
  Ansley ordered the fried shrimp. It came with fries and a dipping sauce. Ansley approved. 
 I ordered the fish tacos and an order of fried green tomatoes. ("Towanda! Face it ladies, I'm older and have more insurance" I mean can you eat fried green tomatoes without thinking of that movie? Obviously, I can't.)  Both of which are freshly made. I tried everything and this is what I loved best.  This food truck's claim to fame is the Lobster Rolls. I'll have to try them next time. I assure you, there will be a next time.
 ChaChi ordered the chicken fingers. They also came with fries and your choice of honey mustard, ranch or BBQ sauce. 
 This here is a piece of the Caramel Cake. I'd have to say it is a must have. It was so good! Moist and light but not too sweet! 
Don't be skeptical about eating off a food truck. Come on, everybody's doing it! Their health score was a 98. That is better than most sit down restaurants. We received friendly service and got our food fairly quick and hot. 

You can like Mr. Clark on Facebook @ A Square Meal on Wheels to find out where you can find him for lunch.