Sunday, July 15, 2012

Homeless for 17 Days

It's been a few weeks since my last blog. (Sounds like I'm catholic and I'm about to confess something.) We just now got our computer hooked back up. Here's what's going on with us and the house. We got all moved out of the rental on June 29th. Of course the house wasn't finished and some friends of ours were out of town and said we could stay at their house. We stayed there for three days and then we switched locations to another friends house. We stayed there for a week and then returned to the first place we stayed. We figure if we keep moving around nobody would get too tired of looking at us. Apparently this was a good idea because my bff said she was surprised that so many people liked me enough to let me live with them. Honestly, I'm a little surprised myself. We have now gone from homeless to pet sitters as our friends have gone to London for the week. Our house should be ready by Wednesday. Our friends will be back Friday or Saturday so we'll stay here until they return.

We've been living out of bags, our car and our garage. I follow a blog and she is doing something called the Summer of 7 which is based on the book 7 An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker. One week she set out to wear only seven articles of clothing for a week and no makeup. Generally just simplifying your life in different areas. I was thinking that once I get settled into the house I would like to take on the experiment. Then I realized I've already been doing that for the last 17 days and I'll tell you now that it's over rated. I want my stuff back! Speaking of stuff, here's mine.

We've got everything we own shoved into the garage!

We've got everything in the kitchen except our appliances and we should have them installed tomorrow. This is  SW Resolute Blue.
Hardwoods are finished in Early American stain.

 Laundry Granite is Mystic Mauve but it just looks gray to me.

I'm loving the bedroom color it is SW Carefree

 Master Bath Granite is Blue River It's gray and black but some really cool flecks of blue show up when the light hits it the right way. How do you like that square sink?

This is the desk in Ann's room it is Caledonia Granite

 Ansley's granite is Blue Eyes. It is back with flecks of blue.

This is Ann's sitting room. We spent the day over there cleaning. They are so ready to start moving in so I let them move that little table and chairs.