Monday, November 5, 2012

Old School Party

When I was a kid, birthday parties weren't strategically planned events. I just remember the neighborhood kids showing up after dinner in their mustard colored, reinforced knee Garanimals. If you were lucky someone would show up with a card with a dollar for every year you were old. Most just showed up, told you happy birthday, shared some cake, ice cream and some laughs. Never an outrageous amount of kids showed up. The kitchen was crowded when our family of four was at the table. Haha as I typed that I remembered the chair that I sat was up against the window. If I wanted to get up I had to crawl under the table because there wasn't enough room to slide behind my mom's chair and the cabinets in the kitchen. Things were simple and nobody seemed to mind. It was our birthday and it felt special to us.

Sunday was ChaChi's eighth birthday. I usually go a little overboard on the kid's birthdays. I know I'm not the only one. Ansley went to a party a few weeks ago that was in a limo! I've never even been in a limo. The girls met after school and ate at Zaxby's then were driven across town to a yogurt shop. They had all kind of little party favors. She had an absolute blast.  Anyway,  I told myself that I wasn't going to do that this year. I did have a company come out that does lazer tag(I know the correct spelling is with an S but I prefer the Z) in your back yard. I didn't put up the first decoration. I didn't even buy matching plates and cups! In fact a kid asked me for a napkin and I told him to use his sleeve. I didn't buy chips to throw in a bowl, which quite honestly all those hands getting chips freak me out! I bought little bottles of water and juice boxes and had them in a cooler. I bought a cupcake cake and individual ice creams. We sang happy birthday and I threw everything on a plate, a regular dixie plate. I didn't put together treat bags either. I mean really, who thought of this little tradition? Probably the same mom that thought of the snack rotation after athletic activities. I loathe the treat bags! Halloween was just a week ago and I figured the last thing kids needed was more candy. Sure, I could have gotten little trinkety stuff for treat bags but does anyone really like getting that stuff? ChaChi is a junior hoarder and weeks after parties I am forced to sneak around hiding that crap in the garbage. I felt like I was doing everyone a favor. 

The cake
 Getting the lazer tag instructions. All listening very intently.

 Even the dad's had fun...maybe a little too much fun.
 Best part of the day.

 Even Bret showed up for the party. I bet he wishes I gave out treat bags.

 See my non themed plates?
 Nana and ChaChi
 They even brought gifts for Ansley. Go Dawgs!

I think it was a great party even without decorations and treat bags! If you agree and wish mom's would get back to keeping things simple please share my post. If treat bags can catch on surely anything can. Oh, and if anyone knows where I can find a zebra painted, stretch limo let me know. Ansley has a birthday in April and I should probably get to planning. 

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  1. imo, Brett did look a little treat-bag challenged in that one photo! maybe you could make up a special one just for him. everyone else looked pretty clueless about the lack of treat bags and the boring plates. it seems that a good time was had by all in spite of everything. i think you win at life!! =D