Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Career Options

I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I don't have a lot of options as I don't have a lot of skills, education or training. To be honest, I'm kind of an A-hole and I have a lot of issues. I haven't worked a "real" job since I was seven months pregnant with Ansley. Not counting my little jaunt as  waitress at Colton's Steak house for about six weeks. I was the world's worst waitress. I had never waited tables and had always thought it would be fun. I've never been more wrong. If I ever waited on you, I would like to go ahead and apologize now. Sorry. I put my notice in on a Memorial Day. It went like this, "I'm not going to make it in today...or any other." I think they were probably happy to be shed of me.

For years,  I have been thinking of something I could do for a job.  I'm not really qualified to do much.

If I were younger, thinner and prettier I could be a Sprint Cup Girl. I can smile and pretend to be interested in what you're saying like nobody's business.

I could totally show up at our local news and draw the nightly lottery numbers. Heck, who am I kidding I think I could even nail being one of the reporters that show up at a restaurant and be appalled at their health score. Better yet, I could walk out from behind a tree with mic in hand and report a story that is happening in the background.

I could host Talk Soup or be a person on TMZ. I'm really good at watching TV.

After watching all the presidential debates, it makes me wonder if it is a person's job to pick out power ties for the debate. I could totally do that.

I'm positive with the right training I could be a sommelier. Getting the training would be the best part. I'd be all like, "I'm not sure I understand, can we try that one again."

I do like to work. It was really hard for me to stop working. I got my first job when I was fourteen at Blondie's. It was a pizza and sub shop. The "donor" worked there and got me the job. I've worked ever since then.  I really miss having a check with my name on it. At first, it was hard to spend money I didn't feel like I "earned." I've settled into the idea now and do a superb job of spending the check with Ryan's name on it.

I really do believe staying home with the kids is a super stressful job. To be cheesy, it really is the most rewarding. All of my kids are very smart and I take the credit for all of that. Haha.

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