Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Is this normal?

We had our POD dropped off and we had to have it cleaned out by the 20th. It had all the stuff in it that we could live without while we were in the rental home. Looking at all this crap valuable stuff it's hard to believed we survived! I know I really need to get rid of some of this stuff but how to choose?

This here is a set of 3 John Deere cups. I don't know if there is a 4th or not. I'm sure there was one at one time. I could easily part with these. If you're interested, hit me up. They can be yours!

These are my Harley Davidson coffee cups. I had these gems displayed in the kitchen of my very first kitchen in Jonesboro, GA. I bought this house in 1994, I believe. Others were decorating their kitchens in chickens, cows and duck motifs. I thought a Harley Davidson motif was the way to go. I'm so cutting edge, people. These aren't going anywhere.

Just a random assortment of white coffee mugs. I like two of these. Have I mentioned that I don't drink coffee?

These are mugs that I have been gifted. The one on the left is one that Ryan painted for me. The others are from the kids. The employee of the month I bought for myself because I really am an exceptional employee.

These mugs were given to us by a family member that is incarcerated. I mean how do you get rid of something that was probably traded for cigarettes? You just can't!

This is a set of two 2000 Disney World cups from McDonald's. These are just stupid. Have you ever tried to drink from a square cup? It. just. doesn't. work! These are gone! I'm almost embarrassed to admit I actually looked on ebay to see if these babies were valuable! I'm sure you probably got these for a dollar if you ate too many Big Macs. 

I mean, The FONZ! Really, are you gonna get rid of the Fonz? Don't even get me started on Porky!

Here's just a sampling of some of the Budweiser Retro Pint glasses and some "motivational" glasses. The huge cup from Lambert's, "home of the throwed rolls." Also two Coca-Cola glasses that one of Ryan's exes brought back from Europe.  I mean who doesn't like having a reminder of your husbands exes sitting around?

 I am aware that my selection of glasses further solidifies that I am white trash. However, I am ashamed to admit I may also be a hoarder.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Our First Night

We spent our first night in our home on July 20th. Shhhh, don't tell the home inspector as we haven't gotten our CO. It was as normal a night as things get for us. ChaChi and Ansley were putting on "shows." ChaChi spent the night with things shoved in the back of his underwear pretending to be J-lo. Should I be concerned? Ansley was the DJ. She announced it was a rooftop party at The Peabody Hotel and ladies get in free before 7:00PM. We had been looking forward to this night for such a long time It was all a girl could ask for.

This was the first time I have slept in my OWN bed in 21 days. I am so thankful for our friends that let us crash at their places while we were in limbo. Equally thankful for friends who invited us over for dinner or dropped off dinner. Times have not ben ideal, there was even a day I wore Ryan's underwear because I couldn't find mine. Am I sharing too much? We have lived out of a laundry basket, my car (which the air just went out), friend's homes and our garage. In the end it has all been worth it! Thankful to the Lord for providing what we needed when we needed it. However, I am not thankful for my painter or Comcast.