Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Vesta Home Show

I went to the Vesta Home Show today. I really enjoyed it. If you get the chance to check it out I recommend it. Save two bucks on your ticket by going here first, www.vestahomeshow.com.

 If you notice the bald man in the jacket is the Henco Furniture man "It's worth the drive." and his daughter. Their store provided the furnishings for some of the homes. I overheard a woman in her 70's complain to her friend about getting stuck talking to the man. I'm thinking how long do you have to talk for a 70 year old women to get bored! So if you see him, steer clear.
 I love this bedroom! I like the mirrored night stands.
 I want the retractable screens for the back porch. How cool is that?

 Yes, that is chicken wire in the cabinets.

 I like the shape of those green chairs. They were really comfortable.
 I liked the way this room was set up for different purposes.

 Love, Love, Loved the framed chalk boards. This was in a laundry room.

 More retractable screened porches. Also, notice the swinging bed. 
 ChaChi even had a good time. You know, after he knocked down those dominos he had to play checkers.
 I can't even imagine this being practical for five minutes. My kids would have holes knocked in the walls in no time.
 3D TV's We can't even keep up with remotes around here. I doubt we could keep up with those glasses.

 Time for a photo stop.

 Pretty sure ChaChi planted his little butt in all the chairs.

 I loved the way this house was decorated the best. I like all the pops of color.

 Would love to have a fire pit!

 He is cracking me up! He enjoyed it as much as I.
 I thought this kitchen layout was similar to ours.
 These furnishings came from www.stashhome.com We bought our new dining table from Stash. I'll post pics as soon as I find some chairs to go with it.
 I like how they put a desk behind the sofa.

 This shower is just awesome!

I wore heels today...which was incredibly stupid. Make sure to wear some comfortable shoes because you will be doing a good bit of walking. There five homes to go through but they are all in the same culdesac. Don't forget your camera! 

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