Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Public service announcement

You may have read that building this house has been my excuse for gaining weight. Now that I am partially settled I have tried to get back to the gym. I went yesterday and I get on the treadmill for a warm up. I have on my workout pants and a tank top, this is my usual attire. As I begin run my pants keep slipping down, and I keep pulling them up. Then I realize, it's not my pants, it's my panties. So I'm checking the reflection in the television mounted on my treadmill to see it there is anyone behind me so I can fish my hand down my backside and straighten things out. Sure enough, there is a guy on the elliptical behind me. I try to be nonchalant and look like I'm pulling up my pants. Every few seconds I'm tugging at these blasted underwear. Sure, I could have stopped and gone to the bathroom. If your like me, you have a debate every morning if you should go to the gym or stay home and clean or binge on ice cream. Once I made it inside, there was no stopping me. I thought surely once I start sweating these babies will be stuck to my non existent booty and I would be golden. Didn't happen. By the time I got off the treadmill my panties were all bunched up around my thighs. Let this serve as a reminder, make sure your panties fit before you get on the treadmill.

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