Monday, April 7, 2014

Mall Scavenger Hunt

Ansley's twelfth birthday party!

We started out the night at a Japanese steakhouse. After dinner I took the girls outside the restaurant and revealed the plans for the night. The scavenger hunt was a surprise. Ansley had wanted to do one but I had told her we wouldn't have enough time after dinner. I had to work on the plans while she was at school. Side note: She knew I was in the office working on something because I told her not to go in there. It was driving her crazy but I told her it was a surprise. She kept asking what I was working on.  I told her it was a poem about how much I love her.  I told her I planned to recite it after dinner. Bahaha I thought it was hilarious.  She was really freaked out at the thought of this.

I made shirts for everyone to wear and passed them out after dinner when I told them about the scavenger hunt.
Next stop, the mall. Here are the pics from my team, A.K. A. the winning team!

Dancing with a statue.

Everyone wearing glasses
 Picture with employee at makeup counter.
 Riding the escalator.
 Picture with the blue mannequins. I thought this would be a hard one as there were only in a few places. These girls obviously shop a lot!
 Looking lost in front of a mall directory.
 Getting a strangers autograph. This lady was a little apprehensive which made it funny. I assured her it wasn't a legal document.
 Wearing hats and scarves.
 Smelling flowers real or fake.
 Had to find Amazing Grace perfume and get a sample.
 Group saluting an American Flag or replica.
 Picture of someone wearing a band or concert shirt.
 Using your bodies to make the number 12.
 Getting a napkin from the yogurt shop.
Jumping off the fountain 
 Ansley's initials
 Picture with "turtle" on the "beach."
 Picture with surfboard

Ryan's team pics

 ChaChi was such a usual!

The whole group met up in the courtyard and played a little tag.
Let the games begin!

 Cookie Face Race

 Bubble gum hidden in whipped cream, first one to blow a bubble wins!

The cake.

 Opening her cards. In lieu of gifts she took donations for Callie Evans. You can find her story on Facebook. "Praying for Callie Evans"
Time for a movie! I introduced them to a little Napoleon Dynamite. It was a hit, most passed out before it finished. We restarted it in the morning.

Now, breakfast...served on a string. 

 Never tried before...doughnut game in a triangle! I had ChaChi taking pics at this point.

It was a great party! Ryan and I had as much fun as the kids. Ansley has done a great job picking her friends! This really is the greatest group of girls ever! Eleven girls, one boy and not the first sign of drama. I say it was a success!