Sunday, October 14, 2012

Petit Jean State Park

We left Little Rock and drove about an hour and a half west to Petit Jean State Park. As you are coming into the park there are signs that point to Petit Jean's grave, this is where the following pictures were taken.

 Note: To preserve the scenic beauty and ecology, fences and warning signs have not been installed in some park locations. Caution and supervision of your children and husbands are required while visiting these areas.
 Ansley and ChaChi weren't taking any chances.
 I always make sure his life insurance is current.

 This is the beginning of the Cedar Falls Trail. It is a two mile hike. 

The difficulty of this hike is said to be moderate to hard. However, we passed these guys on our way into the waterfall. All I could think was, I put on a sports bra for this hike and these two are in their business casual.

 The falls were really beautiful but after you've been to Amicalola Falls it's like comparing a female rugby player to a super model. 
 What does this rock formation look like? I know, I'm so mature.
 We also hiked the Bear Cave Trail that is 1/4 mile and is said to be easy.
 Can you see the fear it their eyes from here? It was all fun and games until they had to climb down. Then they panicked a little.

Bear Cave

The view from our cabin. It over looked Cedar Creek Canyon.

 The inside of our cabin reminded both of us of a horror movie. I would definitely go back to Petite Jean but I'm not sure I'd want to stay in a cabin. The beds were hard as a rock and seemed to aggravate everyone's allergies. Our cabin was a duplex and the walls were so thin I could hear the neighbors spoon hitting their cereal bowl in the morning. So if you go be sure to take some Tylenol PM or something to help you sleep. I think I'd just spend the day at the park and get a hotel in Conway. It's about an hour from Petit Jean. It seemed to have a lot of hotels and restaurants.
The pool at Mather Lodge.
 The view from the top of the falls.

After no sleep, I wasn't feeling especially photogenic. 

Here is the what we spent at Petit Jean. We stopped at WalMart because I forgot to pack socks. There were not a lot of options for food in Morrilton so we got some snacks and stuff to make sandwiches. Our total was $31.64.
We had dinner at the onsite restaurant, Mather Lodge. Though, the views were beautiful the food was a bit lacking. We ordered two chicken fingers and two BLT's and our total was $46.33. Our cabin rental was $115.24. Grand total is $193.22

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