Monday, April 30, 2012

Paint Colors

After a couple of weeks of stressing over paint colors, I have finally made my decisions. We went to SW on Sunday and got some samples of the colors I was torn between. 

The one on the left is Resolute Blue SW 6507. The middle is Ebbtide SW 6493. The one on the right is a color Ryan picked and I believe he was swayed by the name, Blue Cruise SW 7606. I'm looking for a smokey blue but no too dark. I chose Resolute Blue. This will be going in the kitchen and dining area.

Left is Light French Gray SW 0055.  Middle is Uncertain Gray SW 6234. Right is Passive SW 7064.
I chose Light French Gray. It just seemed to be a nice gray. Uncertain was just too blue. I guess that's the perfect name for it. Passive just seemed too light. This color will be the main color of the house.

This is Classic French Gray SW 0077. I am putting this in the gallery. It's just a small room to the left of the foyer. It has a lot of natural light so I think it can pull off this dark color.

This is taken from the kitchen looking into the gallery and then the foyer. On the other side of the doors is a hallway. So it will be the Classic French Gray and the Light French Gray that you'll see this way.

This is taken from the kitchen. On the right is the gallery, on the left is the dining area and in the middle is the living room. Here you will see the blue next to the lighter gray.

This is Carefree SW 6777. I just want a really pale blue, not too far off white. I think this should get it.

Ansley picked an aqua for her room. ChaChi wanted red but I just can't wrap my mind around that one. So, we have compromised on a red accent wall.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

How many panes in your windows?

What color windows?

What kind of brick?

Do you want tumbled or uniform?

What color mortar?

What color sand for the mortar?

How do you want your brick joints?

What color roofing?

What color soffit?

What color cabinets?

Where do you want your appliances?

Where do you want your trash can?

Where do you want your lighting fixtures?

Do you know how you're going to arrange your furniture?

What size trim do you want?

You get the idea. I'm over it.

I think my enthusiasm is curbed by this sinus infection and I just want to sleep.

Sheetrock is up and the mudding has begun. Now it's time to think about paint, trim, tile, faucets and interior doors. Every time I think I'm finished with all the major decision making something else comes up.
 This is what the door looks like that I want.

This is how I want the house trimmed out.

To save a little money but to stick with the same style, I'm thinking of doing this upstairs.

It's just like the downstairs without the extra crown on top. I like it. I just don't want it to look cheap. Please feel free to put your 2 cents in on what you think of the look.

Now I'm trying to pick out paint.
I'm tired of "builder beige." I think I'm going to pick a gray color for the main parts of the house. I want  it to be a true gray. Not green or blue, just gray. Not a depressing, I wanna kill myself gray.  

So here's where the house is now. Hopefully, it won't be too much longer before we can get moved in. I'm ready for my decisions to be as easy as frozen or on the rocks.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Best News Ever...for me anyway

Today is April 12, and they were supposed to close on the rental yesterday. We got the call on the 6th that something came up in the buyers credit that prohibited the closing! I was absolutely beside myself with relief. I really do feel sorry for the seller of the home but living in a hotel was more than I could take. I was actually in denial about the whole idea of it and only recently started thinking about how we would handle the situation. We were planning on getting a storage building for all our belongings on Monday the 9th. Thank God we are such procrastinators. It was kind of a real life scenario of what would you take with you if you were stranded on a desert island. The only thing I could think of that I couldn't live without is gum. As you can see, I didn't make it very far in my planning.

Things seem to be settling down a little. The kids are finished with soccer. ChaChi turned in his BioCube and Ansley had her state parade. She got extra credit for dressing up like someone from her state. She asked the morning of the parade who she could dress up like. Taylor Swift is from Pennsylvania, so we grabbed last year's Easter dress and considered ourselves clever.

Here is ChaChi's school picture. He's just as cute in Mario and camo as anything else!

Things are going well with the house. We had our framing inspection and failed the first time with just a handful of things they wanted done. We passed our second inspection. The brick is complete and we are now on to insulation. I spend most days over there cleaning up. I caught one of the guys peeing beside the dumpster. I pointed at the portable toilet 10 feet away and told him to use that, he just smiled and nodded.  I guess I shouldn't have said anything because now the inside of the dumpster reeks of urine.

We survived Easter with are 2nd Annual Easter Fishing Trip. The kids went swimming two years in a row in freezing water.

Anlsey is showing her friend how to bait a hook with a worm. Too cute!

We let the kids take off in the canoe without any instruction on how to work the paddles. We thought this would give us some quiet. Too bad those kids are so smart, they figured it out pretty quickly and were back in no time.