Friday, November 16, 2012

Just a little flashback

 I don't know I doubt this is normal but we kept our bikes inside the house so they wouldn't get stolen. Keep in mind the size of our house. I grew up in Riverdale, GA just south of Atlanta. I didn't think it was a bad area to grow up my husband thinks differently. Waka Flocka Flame sings raps about it "But that happen often off in Riverdale, Georgia. You gone pay the life you live off in Riverdale,  Georgia. as does TI "whether in Miami, Cincinnati, or the  Riverdale" and "Riverdale to Center Hill all day" So people be singing about it. How bad can it be?

We had hardwood floors and when my mom would dust she would get Pledge overspray onto the floor. Once, my brother was chasing me down the hall (all five feet of it) and I ran into his bedroom. I slipped on the floors, stepped on a Sit-n-Spin and fell onto the bicycle pedals. Not just regular bicycle pedals, these had little metal thingys sticking up on them. I got a nice little gash on the forehead that required some stitches. I don't remember getting the stitches but can imagine being in the ER telling the story... yeah I slipped inside the house and landed on a bicycle. I'm sure this story pales in comparison to the time I got shot. Don't worry it was just a pump up pellet gun. The kid did shoot me on purpose though...

I love the life I lived as a kid. We had a lot of fun and looking back, some of the stories are really funny. I remember  sneaking beer out of a plastic pool after a neighbors party, I may have been six at the time. We would have gotten away with it but I believe my brother squealed and we all got in trouble. I remember the neighbors fighting and seeing my friends dad getting handcuffed to the decorative metalwork around their carport. Another neighbor's dad would rent limos and drink up the bar and get the driver to pull over. Then he would take off running to avoid paying the bill...I wonder if that ever really worked. Sounds like a solid plan. Oh and I could never forget the mom at the end of the street that would get drunk and cut the grass in her "high" heels (pun intended) and a bikini. We also had some hoarders in the neighborhood. They were hoarders before hoarding was cool. They had a nice little path that went through the house. I just remember that their dad would come in from work and fall asleep on the couch with his eyes open, snuggled up with their dog. It's weird the random things your mind holds onto. We also had some lesbians in the neighborhood. I just remember seeing the "butch" one cutting the grass. I'm not sure If I knew they were lesbians at the time...I just knew something wasn't quite right. I also remember an older man attempted suicide in his shed in the back yard, he was the nicest man. That part wasn't so fun. OMGosh,  I almost forgot! We also had a motorcycle gang in the neighborhood. They even parked their motorcycles in their living room! You can't make this stuff up. I guess if you're going to live in a shady neighborhood you need a bigger house because you need room inside to park all your bikes.

I know I'm leaving out some stuff, so if you're from the old hood feel free to add you own stories.


  1. I'm just catching up on your blog but I have to say that I don't remember most of that stuff... but, of course, I am a few years older and have had longer to forget stuff. I remember the day that Dean Long came over to tell us that Elvis had died and his mama was crying. I said, "who is Elvis?". We took the evening paper (back then you had a morning and an evening paper) and so the neighbors who didn't take the paper wanted to borrow ours. I still tell that story every year on the anniversary of Elvis' death. The neighborhood definitely has changed over the years and once we are all settled here in the mountains and sell off both of those houses (mama and daddy bought Ms. Stalnaker's house) it will be weird for that street not to be "home" any more. Your mama and daddy stopped by about a month ago. They looked exactly the same.

  2. Yeah, I had no idea that you got two papers a day. I don't even remember when Elvis died. Some suspect that day hasn't happened. That's a cool thing to remember. But how did you not know who Elvis was?! Funny we live here and have never been to Graceland. I think people that live around here just don't go because I don'I know anyone who has been. Yet, people make the trip from all over the world.

    I can't imagine still living there but when we drive down that old dead end street it still feels like home. How is it now? I think every time we go by our house is empty.

    Yes, they told me that got to visit with y'all. I think it made their day!