Saturday, February 16, 2013

Craigslist: For a good time call or text Bruce.

I love Craigslist. I just bought some dining chairs off Craigslist that are super hideous. I hope when I finish their makeover they will look like I envision. Even when I'm not looking for anything I like to check it out. I like to read the missed connections, rants and the free stuff. I don't know why but it is totally amusing to me.

This morning I was looking through the free stuff and came across this ad:

Play boy magazines (Bruce)

I have around a ten year collection of playboy magazines kidz are getting older really need to just get ride of them u must take them all call or text 6624145353

My thoughts were that he had to make a conscious decision to place this ad. Like these magazines are so valuable to him that he just couldn't throw them away. He literally wanted someone to "enjoy" them as much as he had. Gross. Really, Bruce? I won't even check out a regular book from the library. For years my kids thought that Barnes and Noble was the library. 

The wording of the ad further cracked me up. "U must take them all" he really put thought into this ad. He didn't want someone coming to look at his collection and start flipping through the mags deciding which ones they fancied.  Or maybe he thought he wouldn't be able to complete the transaction if the interested party lingered too long. I can just imagine that exchange and hope that it would be awkward.

Uh yeah, I'm calling about the free porn...Oh, I can just come and pick them up...will your kids be home?


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