Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dinner Fail: Salisbury Steak

Let me start out by saying I may have slept 20 hours in the past five days. I went to the doctor today and got a sinus cocktail and four prescriptions. Got home and got in bed and took some meds that I already had that kept me up. So, I started doing some laundry and I get a call from the nurse at the kid's school. ChaChi has a stomach ache. She puts ChaChi on the phone and I ask him if he just needs to go to the bathroom or does he feel sick. He said he felt sick. So I tell him I'll be there in just a few minutes; two minutes later ChaChi calls back, "Mom, may I use the nurse's bathroom?" Oh my gosh! Really? The kid is sick and he's asking me if he can use the bathroom!???!?!?! I felt so bad! I may have casually mentioned ok, I'm sure I've ranted on many occasions how nasty school bathrooms are. He acts like I may turn into the Gestapo if he had to use a public restroom. When I got to the school to pick him up I didn't know wether to be proud of him for trying to be obedient or embarrassed wondering how strange the nurse finds it that my kids calls to ask me if he can use the freaking toilet. Option 1. Poop your pants. Option 2. Use the public toilet. Sidebar: I'm pretty sure Bret called me to get permission to come home to go to the bathroom his senior year. I've seriously messed up these kids.

Ok, my lack of sleep has me delirious. What does all this have to do with Salisbury Steak. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I had decided to try a new meal tonight. We're definitely in a dinner rut. Nothing sounds good, nothing. So I have never made salisbury steak. Truth is, the only salisbury steak I've ever had came out of aluminum container that you heat in the oven. I haven't had that in 15 or so years. I had to make a special stop at the liquor store to get some cognac for this recipe. Sounds fancy doesn't it? It had a lot of ingredients, messed up a lot of measuring cups, dishes, cutting boards, and pans. I even doubled the recipe because it looked like so much trouble. I started at 5:00 o'clock and it was ready at 7:00. You getting the point? It was a lot of trouble. Made ChaChi a plate, "Oh I hate mash potatoes and this corn doesn't taste right. What is this meat? It tastes like dog food and I know because I've eaten a lot of dog food." Me, "We don't even have a dog." ChaChi, "Well, when Bret was keeping his dog here, I had his dog's food and some of those Beggin' Strips. Remember?" Me, "You didn't eat dog food."

Tomorrow, we are having leftover and I guess I'll stop and pick up ChaChi some Beggin' Strips. The good news is, if I'm up again coughing my head off again I have half a bottle of cognac.

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