Monday, January 9, 2012

0 to 60

I can't believe how fast things seem to be coming together! We were waiting around for months for it to stop raining. We just broke ground on Friday and today we had the plumber out and have already passed our first inspection. We also had the shelter put in today.

I also went by the house that is putting up the brick we are thinking about using. I think I like it but I'm waiting to see what Ryan thinks about it. I wish I could see it with a darker mortar. Once we decide we will start choosing roofing.

I also dropped off a set of plans with the electrician. I probably should have done this sooner...

Ryan's dad will be doing the framing so as soon as a get a material list, I will start price checking lumber.

It's supposed to rain for the next two days and when it stops we will have our slab poured!

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