Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Building Permit

Today was pretty uneventful, we got our building permit. You will need a copy of your plans. The plans will need to be signed off by the developer or the neighborhood association. A receipt from your tap fees from the water authority and the city for gas. You will also need a plat of how your house will be placed on the lot within the easement codes.

We also tried to look at some bathtubs...I just want to get a soaking tub that looks like this:

but nobody around here sells them. Well, unless you want to pay $5,000 for one, which I do not. So I will probably order one off the internet which scares me a little but what the heck. I'll let you know how that turns out.

Oh how I miss my bathroom with a door that has a lock on it! Whoever designed this house we are renting obviously didn't have kids. There is nothing quite like going to the bathroom with an audience.


  1. the lock won't work...just go ahead and re-name it " the family room' like perry and I did...always a gathering place for the whole family..

  2. Haha now that's a first! Once we get out of this rental, I hope never to be this close to anyone while I'm on the toilet!