Thursday, February 2, 2012

We've got squatters.

End of day two, things were off to a really slow start.

Here's where we are now. The first floor is almost complete. We've had pretty good weather so they have been able to work everyday since they began. Rain is in the forecast for the next two days so the FIL is going back to Georgia. I would imagine he and his guys are tired of living like squatters. We are renting a house for them and they are sleeping on air mattresses. We got the cable hooked up for them yesterday so they can watch some television. (I bet Herb's roomies are about to go crazy watching Fox News at 120 decibels) I told Ryan they are worse than celebrities with their riders, next thing you know we'll be picking out the red M&M's for them. Totally joking, I feel bad that their living conditions aren't the best but they don't seem to mind. I made them soup the other night and sent over bowls with it and Herb said how much he appreciated just having a bowl to eat out of! Maybe being uncomfortable will inspire them to work faster...

                                       Ryan pretending to work.

We've also gotten a couple quotes on brick labor and windows and exterior doors.

The search for the brick continues. Input on selection is welcome. Here are some of the choices:

                                                     Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

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