Friday, February 3, 2012

Option #3

I have a list of brick choices that has addresses and I just drive around to see if I like them.  One brick (#3)  is listed in two subdivisions fairly close to my house. Two of the homes with the same brick look NOTHING alike! I figure that someone has just made a mistake and they are not the same brick as I like one (#3) and not the other so how can they be the same? So, I sent an email when I got home to clarify my findings. I hear back this morning that in fact they are the same.

Another option #3 with L/S Buff mortar

                                   Option #3 with desert buff mortar
I quickly replied to Katie (the girl that I've been working with that I'm quite sure I'm driving crazy and probably never hopes to hear from me ever again because I call and email  her so much she thinks I'm a stalker) That that is just not possible and I will be going to highjack a brick from the first option #3 and take it to the "fake" option #3 to compare them. I also let her know that she will be my first call from jail if I either get arrested for stealing or trespassing. As, I'm typing this now I realize what a terrible plan this is because I'm sure that Katie hates me and will NOT be bailing me out.

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