Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stealing and Trespassing

Stolen Bricks
(ok, I didn't really steal them. I knocked on the door and asked the home owner if I could have one. However, I do believe that stealing would have been a little more exciting.)

From this house

Taken to 
this house

And clearly I need longer arms, but you still get the point. They are in fact the same brick! What a difference mortar makes!

So, we think that we are going to go with this brick option with the lighter mortar. I'm scared to commit because it will give me more time to change my mind. I haven't asked Katie for any more addresses to check out so we'll see what happens.

We have also picked out our windows. We have moved the bathrooms on the 2nd floor around so we can add windows to them.  We are meeting with the window guy again today to make sure we have everything right. We got prices from three different window companies and their prices varied from $3,500 to $14,000 for single hung, low E windows. This was an easy decision to make.

We have also shopped around several more cabinet shops. I was really happy with the selection of cabinets at a place we found yesterday. I just hope their quote will not be outrageous. 


  1. good choice...amazing what the mortar will do ..I want to change my kitchen ( small ) from red to robins egg blue and paint my cabinets white...I am putting it off for a month or two...

    1. It's funny how different colors cycle in and out of style. I am thinking of painting my kitchen blue too. It'a a Lowe's Valspar color called Summerhouse Blue. I think I like the name as well as the color. We were looking at white cabinets too, but now I'm entertaining a really light gray.