Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Eek A stupid mouse!

A few weeks ago we found evidence of a mouse in a hallway and in our master closet. For whatever reason Ryan put out a "catch and release" trap. I'm guessing Ryan was thinking maybe he'd go back and tell all his little mouse friends not to mess with us.

Instead, I'm afraid the mouse told his friends of a nice cozy place with all the food you could eat. Because, Sunday I found mouse poop in my pantry! This was no constipated mouse either! Anyone who knows me for five minutes knows that I am crazy OCD about certain things. This would be one of them.

Sunday, I started taking EVERYTHING out of my pantry and washing it. When we built our house I knew I wanted to have a really large pantry because I like to buy in bulk. I can't tell you how many times I thought to myself, "you just had to have a big pantry." I'm pretty sure I could be mistaken for a doomsday prepper I have so much junk in my pantry.

So this is what I did on Sunday and New Years Eve.

 In the midst of my pantry debacle, good ole Herb was back to finish my backsplash! I love it!
Finally, all cleared out!
There was even poop on the wall! I don't even want to know how it got there. Because in my mind, I can just imagine a posse of mice making bets on who can shoot their feces the furthest. Kind of like an episode of Jackass but only for mice. So after I got everything out, I bleached everything! The walls, the shelving and the floors!

Yes, poop on the wall!
ChaChi thinks he is hilarious! He put this in the pantry for me to find!

I got everything cleaned up and back in my pantry. Only this time I didn't leave anything on the floor. I've never had trouble with mice so I never thought about them climbing on the items on the floor to get to my food. I didn't have anything on the floor that wasn't food, except for potatoes. I have learned my lesson...the hard way.

I'm still super traumatized. Now that I have everything mouse proofed in the panty I'm scared he'll move into my kitchen! God forbid. I can't even sleep at night because of this stupid mouse! I wake up thinking I can hear little mouse footsteps. Yeah, I know they are tiny and I wouldn't be able to hear that but in the middle of the night it makes sense to me.

Sidebar: My tree was still up until this morning.

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