Wednesday, June 6, 2012

TPT It ain't as easy as you might think.

Riding back from Atlanta after an impromptu visit because my mom is in the hospital. She had just had a double bypass. I am worried about her and my dad, stressed about the house we are building. We have 23 days to get it finished as there is another contract on the rental. We were just inside the Alabama State Line when we passed a trailer. It was about 9:30 at night so it was mostly dark. Had it not been for his porch light I may have never even seen a man was opening the door to go inside. It was then that I realized my fascination with trailer dwellers. I figured he was coming in from cutting his grass which probably only took ten minutes, five of which were spent getting his push mower to start. I don't know why but I imagine that their lives are somehow less complicated.  Their overhead has got to be super low, unless they have maxed out credit cards from taking elaborate vacations to Panama City. Which in my imagination is exactly what they do. I mean the freedom they must have! Honey, "I'm tired of this town." So they kick off the porch and tow the trailer somewhere else. You know, just a bit closer to the scrap metal place. I can't decide if they have large families that live on the same street or are in jail for crimes they most certainly did not commit.

I pass a trailer on the way to ChaChi's school every morning. The housewife that lives there is especially entertaining to me. Usually there is a pool out front. Last year, they got all uppity and had TWO pools! Somebody got lucky on a scratch off! In my mind one was the deep and one the shallow. Christmas is especially festive, last year she had a tree all decorated and hanging, that's right hanging out the window by a strand of lights. I guess she came up a bit too short. Did she stress out over it not sitting perfectly under the window? Hell no! She worked with what she had and I admire her for that! Don't even get me started when she's cleaning her area rug or her garden in spare tires. She drives a convertible red mustang. I just thought that was important for you to know.

Before you get the wrong idea about me, I guess I should mention that I too once lived in a trailer. I was 18 and I had just had my first son. I know what you're thinking... I must have been a late bloomer. My baby's daddy lived in a trailer. (I saw a shirt the other day that reminded me of him: I don't make bad decisions, I date them) I had gotten too big for my maternity britches and didn't want to live with my parents anymore so I was gonna move in with him and his parents, life was going to be awesome.

The "homeless man" that held up the "will work for food" sign lived in the trailer park with his mom. I oftentimes saw him cut through the wooded area from the Flying J to the trailer park. He would be carrying a case of Busch Beer and a [sackfull] of Krystals. You know, a number four. Twelve Krystals, two fries and two drinks. His mom was so proud he could provide for them. He seemed happy.

After about two weeks I went back home because I ran out of diapers because they aren't free, ya know! Besides, the corner was already taken but I bet I coulda gone out there with my baby in a stroller and completely put him out of business!

I guess now that I think about it, everybody's got their own problems. Some decide to put tinfoil over their windows while others choose blinds.


  1. LMAO! ROFL! Ah, so true, so true!

  2. Thanks Pam! I think you get me!