Friday, June 8, 2012

Quick Update

Several months ago we got a "grown up" camera. It really does take some nice pictures. However, I don't think we were ready for the commitment. You have to take care of it because you spent so much money on it. So every time we go somewhere I never take it. Well, I take in on the vacation but I never get it out. The bag for the camera and extra lenses are very bulky. I am not good at keeping up with things, I don't even carry a purse. Anyway, literally here are all the pics from our vacation.

ChaChi's first room service.

Ansley's first room service.

The towel class

From my pictures, you would think we could have saved a lot of money and just taken the kids to the local laundromat. At least had we gone there, we would have had a teachable moment about why it's a bad idea to do drugs. 

Quick update on the house.

Some of the trim has been painted.

The built-ins are going in.

They have started the install on the cabinets.

If you read my trailer trash post, you know that things have been super hectic. I found out about my mom on the way back from our cruise. While in Atlanta we learned we would have to be out of the rental on the 29th. Now we are just trying to get things to pull together so we can get moved in. Wish us luck! We are going to need it.

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