Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2 Days

Exhaustion, pure exhaustion. We are at the house trying to get everything pulled together and trying to pack this house at the same time. The thought of living in a hotel isn't sounding like such a bad idea to me anymore.

They finished installing all the cabinets today. This is the laundry room.

 This is the master.


Ansley's bathroom

ChaChi's bathroom

This is a little nook in Ansley's room where we are putting a desk.

This is the office 

Today we had the porches, driveways and sidewalks poured.
Back porch



The electricians also started hanging the lighting.
Ansley's sitting room

ChaChi's bedroom 

Ryan's GA Dawg room

There is Herb again! Thank God he is back to fix everything. He is a jack of all trades. Yes, he can even lay brick. Who knew?

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