Saturday, March 24, 2012

Look the part.

Tired, I'm so tired. I really would just love to lay in the bed all day, for a week! So much is going on now.  Ansley(I) has to decorate a red wagon to be in a "wagon parade" at school. I don't know who thought this would be a good idea and they had better hope I never find out. I had to get on youtube just to find out what this thing is supposed to look like. I found a kid who did one on Texas and it looked like a yard sale threw up on his wagon. He seemed really proud of it though as the video is six minutes long.  She had to pick a state and decorate her wagon with information about the state. Of course, she wanted Georgia but she didn't get it so she got Pennsylvania. Twenty five dollars later here's what we've got so far... ChaChi also has some ridiculous report due. He is in 1st grade and on the bottom of the instructions it says its lessons were adapted for 3rd - 8th graders. This should be so much fun.

Last week was Spring Break and I took the kids and met some of their friends at the Tupelo Buffalo Zoo.

The boa constrictor was cool but it was not nearly as cool as the tranny monkey. I swear, there is a male monkey with a really nice set of B cups. I had total monkey boob envy. This picture doesn't do "him" justice. You'll have to go see for yourself.

That was the only thing we could manage over Spring Break. At the time we thought we had to be out of the rental on April 11th so we spent a couple days looking at storage buildings and apartments. We were able to get in touch with the buyers of the rental and they are going to let us rent it until May 11th. We still won't be finished with the house and figure we'll just stay in hotel until it is finished.

They finished drilling for the geothermal last week and the duct work is in. The electricians started on Wed. and should finish up by Tuesday. The plumbers should also be finished next week but we haven't picked out a fire place yet. We were torn if we should get a fire place or not because with the Geothermal we should never use it.

I ordered the natural timber roofing but when I went to pay for it they informed me that they didn't have enough for my house. I literally called them before I left to pay for the shingles. Wasn't really too surprised and all I could do was laugh. This is the teak it is a nice dark brown but appears black in this pic. I picked it and Ryan said he didn't like it but now that it's up I think he's Ok with it. Not that is matters but if it would have looked bad, I would have heard about it every time we pulled in the driveway. Let's just hope the brick goes well with it.

I've picked my first paint color it is Sherwin Williams, Blue Click. I have always wanted a haint blue porch ceiling. I first saw this done in Charleston, SC and loved it! It's said to protect the house and the occupants from evil. Some say it's for good luck and when I told my painter I wanted a blue ceiling he swears it's an insect repellent. Either way, it's cool.

Between building a house, running kids to school and soccer (we had 6 games this week) I'm pretty much a haggard mess. You know things are bad when your husband says, "Isn't it time for you to get your hair done?" Yes, yes it is! My wardrobe is basically running shorts (thank you elastic waistbands) and free T's I've gotten from 5Ks. I'm so fat that when anyone sees me I'm quite sure they think that I've purchased my T's from the Goodwill.  My shoes are usually covered in mud from doing the clean up around the lot. I guess if I'm going to be living in a hotel soon in my temporary state of homelessness I might as well look the part.

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