Monday, March 5, 2012

Framing complete!

Framing is almost complete! Herb keeps saying he'll be gone by lunchtime but he's been saying that since Monday. I guess he is eternally optimistic.

The plumbers started yesterday and the cornice started going up today. 

I called to place the order for brick yesterday and I literally started to sweat placing the order. I am starting to think that I have commitment issues.

We are now looking at shingles to compliment the brick we have it narrowed down to two: 

Natural Timber


Not to much excitement in this task. I like the teak but this picture just doesn't do it justice. I wish the people at the roofing supply were as helpful as Katie. I called them to get addresses so I could check out some roofing and it went like this. Me, "Hi, can you give me some addresses of homes with these shingles? Them, "What area are you looking in." I tell them and he says just drive around and we probably did it. I say, "Well, how am I supposed to know what color I'm looking at?" Them, "Well, just come by and we have samples here." So not too helpful...

We have pretty much decided to just get the Natural Timber.

Since I began this post, Herb has finished framing. The windows are set and the cornice is being put up. We just have to find someone to paint it and then the roofer can get started.

We found out last week that the house we are renting has a contract on it and are supposed to be out April 11th. Our you can tell is nowhere near ready so some fun times should be coming our way.

This was just too cute not to share.

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